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Long day!

I’m preparing for some major work craziness in the early part of next week, and have had meetings galore all day today, with no time to get my “actual” work done. Breakfast was my usual bowl of strawberries and some PB. Lunch was last night’s slumgoleon warmed up, and a fresh, juicy peach.

I’m going back to yoga tonight, and will begin my 10 day new student package – look foward to lots about yoga for the next week!



I started my work day at 7:00, with an iced tea, followed with strawberries at 9:00, and some peanut butter at 11:00. Lunch was last night’s chicken at 2:00.

After work, I went to VibeStudios for my first ever yoga class, a Beginning Flow. It was a great hour – fast paced, easy to adjust to my own level of (un)flexibility, and lots of fun. I’ll definetly be going back.

On the way home, I stopped by the local organic grocery/deli, and picked up a sammie:

The Parisienne: tomato, mozzerella, and pesto on toasted Ezekial

The Parisienne: tomato, mozzerella, and pesto on toasted Ezekial

I also had a pickle spear and some of my newest love, Rice Dream.

I thought I’d share a baby picture of my fur son, Buddy, a Jack Russel. Our (Buddy and me) send our continued love to our friend at Inner Workings of a College Graduate, and her new puppy, Maddie.