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Child’s Pose

is amazing! I have had the best evening – an hour long power flow class that was just great. How have I not done yoga my whole life? I bought the new student package, so I’ll be going (unlimited for 14 days for only $30!!!) a lot, and trying several different types of classes. What are you favorite types of yoga to do?

I came home and made a yummy dinner: squash chips and asparagus made in the broiler, and a small steak (J will get the other 2/3s of the steak when he gets home), and some grilled mushrooms.

My Plate

My Plate

I live only about 15 minutes away from my parents, and I see them a few kinds a week – J and my dad are really good friends – and when I stopped by there today my mom had quite a suprise for me:

Dark Chocolate, Bees Knees, and White Chocolate -  a month's supply of PB & Co!

Dark Chocolate, Bees Knees, and White Chocolate - a month's supply of PB & Co!

I’m heading to bed in a few minutes – my boss called me to say I’ll be filling in for a floor supervisor tomorrow, so I’ll be out “on the floor” in our die cast foundry (where we use molten metal to make transmission casings) and have be at work before 6. Today the factory floor was around 108 degrees. I’m envious of all of you in your air conditioning!

Have a good night all – Thanks for the comments!
July 09 Pics 024


Long day!

I’m preparing for some major work craziness in the early part of next week, and have had meetings galore all day today, with no time to get my “actual” work done. Breakfast was my usual bowl of strawberries and some PB. Lunch was last night’s slumgoleon warmed up, and a fresh, juicy peach.

I’m going back to yoga tonight, and will begin my 10 day new student package – look foward to lots about yoga for the next week!

The Rest of My day

Sorry for no lunch pics – I ended up eating with my boss during our web meeting with our Pontiac office. After work, I went for a run/walk, about 2 miles in 20 minutes (Yeah, I know. Not that great.) I’m going to buy a yoga “new student” package tomorrow, which will give me 2 weeks of unlimitied yoga of any session, which will mean lots of yoga for a while, which I’m very excited about!

Back to my food for today. Dinner was an old favorite made liter: a veggie dish my Grandma called slumgoleon. Basically, it’s a mix of chopped veggies and tomates with salt and cayenne pepper. Typically, the base is two pieces of bacon, but I used non-stick cooking spray. I love that this is different every time you make it, and it’s an easy way to use almost-going-bad veggies.

Tonight’s had white and red onion, squash, eggplant, asaparagus, two big fresh tomotoes from my mom’s garden, and green pepper.

Before Cooking

Before Cooking



I also oven baked some salmon, J’s favorite food. Such a great dinner!

CoCo and I are heading outside for a while – hope everyone had a great day!



Happy humpday!

I started off my day with my once-a-week “treat:” a coffee from Starbucks. This week’s choice was a tall soy latte. You all are right – soy does make for a creamier latte than skim milk. This may be my new fav drink.

I got to work at 7:00, and had a late brekkie at 9:30, thanks to some crazy meetings that came up. I had this:

and a small piece of this:

my assistant made great vegan zuchinni bread. so good!

my assistant made great vegan zuchinni bread. so good!

Lunch won’t be until late today, thanks to a webmeeting at 11:30. How is your day going?


I started my work day at 7:00, with an iced tea, followed with strawberries at 9:00, and some peanut butter at 11:00. Lunch was last night’s chicken at 2:00.

After work, I went to VibeStudios for my first ever yoga class, a Beginning Flow. It was a great hour – fast paced, easy to adjust to my own level of (un)flexibility, and lots of fun. I’ll definetly be going back.

On the way home, I stopped by the local organic grocery/deli, and picked up a sammie:

The Parisienne: tomato, mozzerella, and pesto on toasted Ezekial

The Parisienne: tomato, mozzerella, and pesto on toasted Ezekial

I also had a pickle spear and some of my newest love, Rice Dream.

I thought I’d share a baby picture of my fur son, Buddy, a Jack Russel. Our (Buddy and me) send our continued love to our friend at Inner Workings of a College Graduate, and her new puppy, Maddie.


Maybe the best thing I’ve ever made! Pan-grilled (in Pam cooking spray and a little chicken broth) chicken breast with a sauce made from deglazing the pan with some more chicken broth, lime juice, hot sauce, minced red onion, garlic, and some green peppers. Spicy, light, and so good!

J works evenings, from 2:30 in the afternoon to 1:00 in the morning, leaving me with time in the kitchen. He then eats at 2:00, stays up to see me when I get up for work, and then goes to bed. Not the best arrangement, but not awful.

I went for a run after work today, and did about a mile and a half running and walking. Up for tomorrow? My first yoga class!


Mondays are “early day” at work for me: I come in a 6:15 and work until around 3:30. I’ve been part time since I started working here, which was great since I was also going to grad school. I start fulltime next Monday, which is exciting, though I’ll miss having a day off each week!

I’ve found that eatings carbs so early makes me nibbly all morning, so I try to eat most fruit before noon. I had a bowl of strawberries as well as spoonful of peanut butter at 7:00, and ate the rest of the pork and tomatillos for lunch.

I have a run planned for after work today, so I’ll let you how that goes! Any tips for beginning runners?