About Me

I am a married, twenty-something industrial engineer and graduate student. I have fought my weight since elementary school; I have been “thin” twice, once my junior year of high school, and during my senior year of college. Both times it came from very unhealthy habits: smoking, bingening and purging, not eating.

I come from a family of eating disorders and disordered eating: my grandmother was in the oriniginal 1951 Mayo clinic study that first used the term “bulimic.” She died of kindey failure at age 79, complications from 40 years of laxatives and throwing up.

I am here to break the cycle: to stop eating for comfort, or for friendship. To stop eating alone, not letting people see what goes in my body. And to hopefully lose weight, though that’s not the utmost goal.

Thanks for joining me.


One response to “About Me

  1. Congrats on trying to break the cycle! You can do it!

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