The Rest of My day

Sorry for no lunch pics – I ended up eating with my boss during our web meeting with our Pontiac office. After work, I went for a run/walk, about 2 miles in 20 minutes (Yeah, I know. Not that great.) I’m going to buy a yoga “new student” package tomorrow, which will give me 2 weeks of unlimitied yoga of any session, which will mean lots of yoga for a while, which I’m very excited about!

Back to my food for today. Dinner was an old favorite made liter: a veggie dish my Grandma called slumgoleon. Basically, it’s a mix of chopped veggies and tomates with salt and cayenne pepper. Typically, the base is two pieces of bacon, but I used non-stick cooking spray. I love that this is different every time you make it, and it’s an easy way to use almost-going-bad veggies.

Tonight’s had white and red onion, squash, eggplant, asaparagus, two big fresh tomotoes from my mom’s garden, and green pepper.

Before Cooking

Before Cooking



I also oven baked some salmon, J’s favorite food. Such a great dinner!

CoCo and I are heading outside for a while – hope everyone had a great day!




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